With our one of a kind customizeable templates you can spice up any Myspace profile. Weither you are just looking for a simple design or a complexed design you have come to the right place. Here at MSDT we understand the importance of where you spend your leisure time. That is why each of our DIV templates are ready to be inserted into any profile with a few clicks of the mouse. Just follow the easy instructions found on the instructions page.

Here at MSDT we offer the upmost care and dedication to our users and we take pride in our work. When a request is filed we take great care and dedication to see that project through. After all we do this for free and gain absolutley no money at all. In order to keep this resource free to everybody we ask that you donate a few cents or even a few dollars. Every penny counts, just as the templates nothing is ever overlooked and every piece of code counts.

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Here at MSDT you can choose from over 50 of our DIV templates, each of which were specifically designed by me to the specifications as provided by the users. We take great pride in our work and make sure that each template meets the specification of the user. We also do not place unsightly advertisments on your page either because it is just plain unatractive, which is why we place our copyright logo on the bottom of the page so that it does not look unsightly. These templates vary from color, pictures, content and backgrounds.

 Cuban Template

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This wonderfly colorful template is centered around a cuban theme. The main colors are red, white, and blue.

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 Mini DIV Template

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This beautifuly designed template is a mini DIV template. This template was created for a user who wanted a new look and feel to their myspace. The color scheme for this template is black and white.

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